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AVANI / Tyler Blank (San Francisco, USA), is an Ecstatic Dance DJ, and Founder of Ecstatic Dance Oakland, SF, Fairfax, and the EcstaticDance.Org NonProfit Community. His music style can be called eclectic, eccentric, sometimes even ecstatic. He plays every emotion, tempo, and genre possible to produce a journey of sound for the embodied spirit to experience itself. Avani appreciates both the sacred, and the profane… the spiritual and the sexual. Come take a ride, through the chakras, around the globe, from the ancient past through the distant future, arriving and enjoying, the right here and now. www.Avani.Dance

Avani first started DJing at Ecstatic Dance Oakland, a few months after he created the dance there in 2008.  He accepted the name Avani (Sanskrit for River & Earth) when he became a Sannyasin (Seeker of Truth) during his time with the Osho Community in Pune, India, in 2013 (where he often DJ'd dances at the Ashram).

Avani often treats each of his Music Journeys (DJ sets) as a Human Life.  90 Years of Life can represented in 90 Minutes of Music.  Every Emotion should be explored in the Journey of Music, just as in the Journey of Life.  All Tempos are to be experienced in the Journey, all Rhythms danced, and all Genres of Music available to be embodied. 

You will find Avani DJing almost exclusively at Ecstatic Dances around the world.  This is partly because he is helping to spread the popularity of Ecstatic Dance through the Non Profit he runs: Ecstatic Dance Community (www.EcstaticDance.org), and also because nowhere else do people show up completely dedicated to the Movement generated from the Sound Journey.  It is a unique opportunity for Transformation, Understanding, and Insight, and is a profound container for Healing like no other.

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